The Shildon Heritage Alliance CIC is Born

We’re pleased to announce that our organisation has been born. On 13th August 2019, Companies House recognised us as a company. But why has this come about? Well, the Shildon Heritage Alliance is the new name for the group behind the Save Our Stute campaign, which is working with the Committee of the Shildon Railway Institute to keep that organisation going and make a case to renovate the building ahead of the steam passenger railway bicentenary in 2025.

Why become a company? It’s a good question. As a campaign group we have found that a number of the activities we have to carry out over our five year plan for that project require us to be more ‘organised’. For example, fundraising on a smaller scale to cover the costs of a spruce up or minor projects like acquiring exterior notice boards would benefit from our having access to a centra and accountable bank account. Having a more professional brand and image that is separate to that of the Committee of the Railway Institute helps make our role and involvement clearer. Having a formal recognition of what we are and in what ways we are accountable will help us to achieve some of the larger applications for help and funding we will facilitate on behalf of our clients at the Railway Institute.

In brief – it means that we can be taken more seriously as a body of people looking to apply some positive influence in out town and neigbourhood.

So look out for the name Shildon Heritage Alliance CIC (Company Number 12154211), because that’s now ‘us’.

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