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Vacancy 1 – SHA and SOS Volunteers: (Hours: as many as you wish to give – Wage: purely voluntary)

We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers to get involved. But what are we looking for? What do you feel you have to offer?

We’re looking for people that:

  • Have a little, or a lot of time to give.
  • Are largely self-motivated – but great at being part of a team.
  • Are excited about making Shildon a better connected and more vibrant place to live.
  • Can get excited and feel rewarded by making a difference – whether it’s great or small.
  • Care about their community

We’re looking for eager organisers, creators, administrators, idea generators, practical people, bakers and makers, bookworms, writers, fundraisers, you name it there’s a place somewhere for you.

We’d particularly be interested in taking in younger members of working age who’d want to get involved.  Experience of volunteering time and skills with Shildon Heritage Alliance CIC might be the key to unlocking your own self-confidence and initiative to go on to do something for yourself or build up experience to move into a career path you really want to get into.

Vacancy 2 – SHA Directors: (Hours: as many or as few as you can spare – Wage: purely voluntary)

In order to be more effective at what we do we started a company – which means at our core being formal and accountable. This means we need to have a sturdy and responsible directorship to govern and steer our organisation.

Being a Director is entirely unpaid – and our Directors often ‘lead the charge’ on our activities, getting right into the nitty gritty. Directors hold collective responsibility for what the organisation does, but only have a small limited personal liability.

Ideally you’ll be:

  • A good an honest communicator
  • Someone with experience of some aspect of running a business.
  • Someone who finds sharing their skills and seeing how those skills make a difference rewarding.

If have a little time on your hands and might have something to offer, and would enjoy being part of our great little team then we’d love to hear from you. We could start by having a quick chat, or you could come along to any of our scheduled meetings and introduce yourself.


You can contact us through the following means:

Drop us an e-mail –

Text or call us – 07967 202583

Help us to “be that someone” for Shildon – it’s going to be brilliant.