Yes – We’re Recruiting…

We are indeed recruiting …. though I have to be honest – it’s all voluntary.

Vacancy 1 – SHA and SOS Volunteers: (Hours: as many or as few as you can spare – Wage: purely voluntary)

The more people get on board with helping shildon to be a better place that looks after its heritage and uses it to provide opportunities and a better future, the better our chances of succeeding. But – if you’re fed up with things as they currently are, then you stand a better chance of making a difference as part of a group.  That’s what we’re offering.  We’re interested in whatever skills you can bring in return. Be part of one of this town’s most effective heritage focused teams. We’d particularly be interested in taking in younger members of working age who’d want to get involved. You could be looking to do anything from contributing ideas to finding an outlet for your artistic and creative skills to getting involved in organising the kind of events you’d like to see in our town with a little support and backing. Experience of volunteering time and skills with Shildon Heritage Alliance CIC might be the key to unlocking your own self-confidence and initiative to go on to do something for yourself or build up experience to move into a career path you really want to get into. Whatever you’re considering, talk to us and we might be able to help or provide mentoring through working with us.

Vacancy 2 – SHA Directors: (Hours: as many or as few as you can spare – Wage: purely voluntary)

In order to be more effective at what we do we started a company.  This enables us to do things like banking money and applying for funding.  It also means we have to be more formal and accountable and part of this is to have a sturdy and responsible directorship.  We have a vacancy for another voluntary Director.  It’s entirely unpaid. Ideally you’ll be someone with experience of at least one discipline involved in running a business, though that may be public relations, marketing, people management, publishing or any other field.  In terms of hours we operate on a principle that you put in as much or as little time as you want – and we’ve been very successful so far.  If you’re looking for something outside the daily grind of your regular job, or are perhaps retired or have time on your hands for other reasons and you think you might have something to offer, and that you’d enjoy being part of our great little team then we’d love to hear from you.

You can contact us through the following means:

Drop us an e-mail –

Text or call us – 07967 202583

Help us to “be that someone” for Shildon – it’s going to be brilliant.